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This jacket is not approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, Canadian Department of Transport, or any other agency making official approvals

It is designed to allow free movement of tournament participants who find standard approved vests with adequate flotation too bulky.

This jacket cannot be considered a safety vest or life preserver. It should be worn only by experienced tournament participants
engaged in competitive events sanctioned by American Water Ski Association, Canadian Water Ski Association, World Water Ski Union,
or similar organizations and only events where safety factors such as patrol boats and pickup boats are actively involved and the
tournament participants are under constant observation.

This jacket should not be worn by anyone who cannot swim. The buoyancy factor and its distribution in the jacket are not sufficient
to float a conscious or unconscious person in a “face out of the water position.”

Before each use, the wearer should have this vest examined and approved by the tournament officials responsible fore equipment inspection. However, even in such sanctioned tournaments, injury or drowning could occur while wearing this jacket. This jacket must not be worn by tournament participants or others under any other circumstances or conditions than those described above.

For the purposes of compliance with applicable California statutes, manufacturer certifies that this vest is a waterski and wakeboard garment.

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